The West End Show

 by Brand Nu

London like you’ve never seen it before,
an innovative graphic design exhibition

by Radim Malinic

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by Brand Nu

'Shine a Light' is an ode to many creative people who lived in Soho over the centuries, longing to make it big. Some of them became famous by writting poetry, songs, novels and plays. However, the majority ended up drinking their dreams away long into the nights. 

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The West End Show

The West End Show' is an innovative gallery exhibition by Radim Malinic, 

a leading London graphic designer and illustrator. Malinic explores the magical and bustling part of the capital in a series of elaborately illustrated poster designs, bringing together classic old century design with the dazzling neon future of the 22nd century.

  Brand Nu

Radim Malinic is an art director, illustrator and graphic designer

based in London, England.


His award winning work is renowned worldwide for its innovation, passion and attention to intricate detail.



The original gallery show was exhibitied at Nancy Victor gallery in London in February 2012.

All exhibition pieces can be seen here through Online Gallery or Exhibiton pages.


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